Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This picture was taking at the national stud and Japanese gardens .We went there on our field trip . It was a great day out,we actually saw one horse but it was the most valuable horse they have.The gardens are really beautiful this time of the year with all the autumn colors. There are lots of trees ,shrubs,flowers,foliage,streams,water features,caves and steps.

There was lots of beautiful and interesting features to photograph and draw, so we had a busy time.At the Irish national stud  they erected a special monument there in memory of the Queens visit.We were disappointed we did not get to see the Museum.We went to The Museum of Style Icons now that was very interesting the clothes were fabulous so the cameras and pencils were out again.What I noticed was some of the trends of those times are back in fashion again,it goes to show good style never goes away.We spend a good bit of time there ,we had our lunch in the silver restaurant  it was  good and very reasonable well worth a visit. Now we are into our sixth week at collage ya im enjoying most of it really,the only thing I am really struggling with is the computer I have never used them before, Time is moving on projects are coming on stream so we are going to be busy,the fashon project will be very interesting but lots of work.

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